A People's Park

Re-design "Zuccotti Park" after the "Occupy Wall Street" events. The speculative project simulates a municipality enterprise, aiming to change the park appearance for the "convenience and comfort of the public", whereas its true goals are to shape the park in ways that no protest events can be held.

Zuccotti Park Maket, Powder bed 3D Printing, 15x30x8 cm

This satirical project traces historical examples of control by architectural and urban planning. For example: Haussmann's renovation of Paris by expansion of streets allowing better mobility for army and police; Faraday Cage (a grounded metal screen surrounding a piece of equipment to exclude electrostatic and electromagnetic influences) to prevent cellular communication by offering a new pergolas in the park for the conveniency of the public. And lastly, ecological irrigation system that floods the park during the night preventing people from putting tents or sleeping on the ground during night time.